The Remixes

In remixthebook, Mark Amerika develops a model of contemporary theoretical writing that mashes up the rhetorical styles of performance art, poetry, and the vernacular associated with 21st century social media and networking culture.

Amerika, along with co-curator and artist Rick Silva, has invited over 25 contributing international artists, poets, and critical theorists, all of them interdisciplinary in their own practice-based research, to sample from remixthebook and manipulate the selected source material through their own artistic and theoretical filters. The curators were especially excited about working with colleagues who formally experiment with digital video, audio remixes, critical text collage, computer imaging, social media, glitch, poetry, electracy, copyleft, and online performance.

How to experience the remixes:

  • Each remix is either linked to its image or embedded object.
  • For more information on the work or the artist, please click the artist’s name.
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The Official remixthebook Trailers


A Pixel and Glitch Hotel Room

An Artist Yapping About Some Art Stuff X4

Performance link


Twixt The Cup And The Lip #3
(Letting language speak itself?)

Source Material Everywhere

Echo and History Day

_Zen.tenses on Appificationology 1#PointOhNoes!_

has been hijacked by the artists

And we shall play a game of chess

Sentences on Remixology 1.02

Remix of the 666 Frame

A Generative Fiction

New Media

Class Portrait with Daimon

New Media: Its Utility and Liability for Literature and for Life

Force of Binding: On Liquid, Living Books (Version 2.0: Mark Amerika Mix)

Essays by Frieder Nake

ReMix Machine, Paik in Amerika

Audio Link