Generative Fiction

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Artist’s Statement

hi, i apologize for the delays in my reply, i was thinking/feeling

through what i was thinking/feeling through when i was remixing your

remix the book…

…but now i know i can reply as simply as possible; as quickly as

cutting && pasting; as purposefully as we are all remixes like Dr.

Harraway’s cyborgs; all allwwwaze alrdy remmmixxxed && remixing each

others; all tied togethers; all Markov chained to each others; “as

memoryless (i.e. exhibiting the Markov property): the next state

depends only on the current state and not on the entire past” or most

generally agreed upon definition online or rather as cutcopies

instantiated without precendent: a remarkable series of remarks

marking traces, tracking back towards routes along paths signalled

from a distance. i was many games of chance, thinking/feeling

connections (as you mentioned) to hystories i/we have/share  codework,

Glitch Art, error, encoded, Noise && New Media Art vocabularies. the

language of influences enumerated delicately for your open

files/formats to list like flowers, outside a window operating in the

systems of Psychic TV or rather Psychick TV or rather the Temple Ov

Psychic Youth from which my youth was spent misspelling while watching

static for patterns + listening to data as raw.

or rather, + mayhaps more clearly, a screen is a point of recording,

rendering, running unstable sources. we generate facts through

repetition, mantras ringing in our thirdMinds from the

Gysion-Burroughs complex. these bells chime and take a toll out of a

deserved desire for sharing alike along lines of attributions but i

tend towards the copier farther lefter while still constantly

navigating the spectrum we all live in online. Digital Cultures can

call such inconsistencies home on a Prepared Desktop. Animated GIFs

get called by names like ‘Legacy Format’s but i suspect they are

(while proprietary) also a kind of comfort to/for me. i remember them

+ make them (now && now again) + feel them close to home like those

tendencies i mentioned earlier, those thoughts/feelings of:

bitcrushing (fetishistic 1-BIT high contrast collapsing of color

ranges), Markov chains, generative texts, pseudo-codes + sum sense of

re:connexxxionz to constant considerations.


jonCates seeks to achieve + exxxpress high awwwesumness && deep wwweirdness through experimental New Media Art aestheticonceptechniques.

jonCates’ projects can generally understood as the creation of conversations, contexts + commununities.

jonCates makes, organizes and teaches experimental New Media Art. His projects have been presented internationally at various events in locations such as Beijing, Berlin, Madrid and Mexico City; nationally in Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco and are widely distributed online. He works at the intersections of Glitch Art, Computer Witchcraft, digitalPunk and Noise musics. He is based in Chicago where he teaches in the Film, Video, New Media & Animation department of  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.