machinic autohallucination

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Michael Theodore

Artist’s Statement

The idea for this remix was to take large, techtonic slabs of sound, and let layers of meaning bubble up through them. Mark Amerika’s reading of his text is always hovering somewhere near the surface, usually just out of reach, and occasionally just this side of intelligible. Fragments and shards of thoughts emerge, as do the inflections and rhythms of his delivery.

I created the material developing my parts for a recent psychangelo ( gig at The Stone. Much of it comes from my Moog electric guitar, though there is also musical saw, broken clock chimes, salt poured on a cookie sheet, etc., with heavy doses of hallucinatory Max/MSP all around. My psychoangelo partner Glen Whitehead makes an appearance on trumpet. Other cameos include analog electronics performed by fellow travelers Nathan Wheeler ( and Ryan Wurst (

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