Waves Of Intuition


Waves Of Intuition by C. W. Mossholder

Chad Mossholder

Artist’s Statement

Sound is really a visual medium.  Because when you hear a sound you instantly link an image in your mind to that sound.  So, as much as I am a sound artist I am really a telepathic painter.  Sometimes I’m an abstract impressionist, sometimes a surrealist, sometimes photo-realistic painter.  It all depends on who is listening to my work.  The listener determines my style. And when I’m approaching a “remix” work, my palette of colors for the painting comes from another artist.  In the case of remixthebook the palette comes from Mark Amerika.  Mark transmits his thoughts into my head via spoken word art.  I transform those thoughts into further alienated sounds.  Then I compose them in much the same way that music concrete artists like Stockhausen or Cage would have composed their tape pieces, except I use the computer for cutting, splicing and manipulation of sound.  When the entire work is assembled and broadcast it becomes something new, something completely indeterminate of what I had in mind.  I wish I could see the paintings that I have created.



“I started writing computer music when I was thirteen or so. I had a commodore 64c and I used the SID chip editor to make sound FX and music. I wish I still had that stuff; it would be fun to hear it now. I remember spending hours and hours up in my bedroom plugging away on the editor. I also got my first guitar around that time, a really cheap harmony guitar that I still use to this day. I love that guitar because unlike my beautiful Fender Jazz Master, I don’t care what happens to the harmony. I detune it, beat on it with metal objects, bow it, run drills next to the pickups, jam objects between the strings, etc. And it sounds completely unique because the guitar is so cheap (in a good way).

Later I went to Kent State University where I studied Music Composition and Photography. I started my experimental electronic music project: Twine, releasing on such music labels as Hefty Records (Chicago) and Ghostly Records (Detroit) and Bip-Hop Records (France). I’ve also done numerous audio/visual art installations with author/multi-media artist Mark Amerika, that have shown in museums and galleries all over the world including Tate Media (London), the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, Greece), the Chelsea Art Museum (New York City) to name a few. Our latest work is a full-length feature film shot entirely on cell phone, Immobilité, which Mark wrote and directed and I scored.

I am currently Composer and Senior Sound Designer at Sony Online Entertainment.”