Consider the Is



Artist’s Statement

The whole process made me imagine some sort of strange mining expedition into the collective unconscious to find the most likable elements and then fuse them together into some bizarre Franken-track. I did the “Re / Pre Trailer” version first in an attempt to poke fun at dubstep (which, like a lot of electronic music, often uses strange sources for it’s vocal samples) while maintaining the aesthetic that has made the genre popular.

The second remix came largely from some playing around I was doing with compressors in which I imagined all the sounds as people in a crowded room, all elbowing each other out of the way for a glimpse of what is outside the tiny window at the front.  Mark Amerika’s message is bruised and deformed by the mess but I think it gets his initial message across; in the words of Ishkur, “[We] will take anything that fuels culture and powers society, and appropriate it for [our] own uses. To [us], anything you say is simply raw material.”


Greg Debicki is a Calgary-based composer and new media artist.  He studied at the Dartington College of Arts and Alberta College of Art and Design. Currently he’s working with La Caravan Dance Company, programming movement and sound responsive projections and generative music for their upcoming performance at Central United Church in Calgary.

Under the pseudonym Woulg, his music has been released on net labels based in Denmark and Germany with an upcoming release on Outlier Recordings from Brooklyn, NY.  The music stems from errors and glitches (much like the name, which was originally a typo) and is based around the idea of “things falling apart in beautiful ways”.