Food Remix

Michelle Ellsworth

Artist’s Statement

(I don’t want to waste people’s time. I try not to know too much.  I have no loyalty to humor or beauty. I don’t like to pretend.  If I said I did something, I did, or I will do it tomorrow.  I try, oh I try — to make work that doesn’t suck.  I like a quick fade to black).


Bio: Michelle Ellsworth’s performance work has been produced at Jacob’s Pillow, Dance Theater Workshop, On The Boards, DiverseWorks, and The Telluride Experimental Film Festival. Michelle’s video work has been presented at P.S. 122, the North Hampton Independent Film Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and The San Souci Festival. Her cartoons and spreadsheets have been published in CHAIN. She is professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder.