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Janneke Adema

Artist’s Statement

This remix is first of all a co-commentary on the paradigm within which remixthebook is situated; namely the paradigm of the artistic remix and the notion of the artist in search of a theory. By flipping the script, and consistently replacing the word ‘artist’ with ‘scholar’ the original sentences, words and ideas acquire new meanings and connotations within a different context. Selected fragments from remixthebook have been juxtaposed with selections from the openreflections project, applying it to the arguments and narrative presented in the writings on this platform. By appropriating and incorporating the fragments into this project, the search of the artist for a theory becomes a mirror for the search of the scholar for creativity. At the same time all of the ‘I’s are replaced by ‘we’s as the subjective flow of thought is merged into an intersubjective ‘we’, where the arguments presented now flow through both platforms, incorporating at least two authors who re-curate each others work in a circular movement. Thus the emphasis in this remix lies not only on the potential of remix and remix theory for the artistic modus, but foremost for the scholarly critical method. By examining the capacity of remix to act as or form a potential challenge to established notions of authorship, integrity, and stability, this text argues for the need of remixological experiments within humanities scholarship—foremost with(in) and through the monographic format—to explore new forms of renewable creative scholarly energy.


Janneke Adema is a PhD student at Coventry University currently writing a dissertation on the future of the monograph. Her research practice focuses on issues of openness, remix, authorship and integrity, through which she explores and critically analyses the discourse and power struggle surrounding the scholarly monograph.  Her research, which can be seen as both a theoretical and practical intervention into this debate, can be accessed and followed, as it develops, on