Scratch & ReMix Machine,Paik in Amerika

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Craig Saper

Artist’s Statement

Method. Processing the Mark Amerika text on Nam June Paik using Bob Brown’s readies procedure (substituting em-dashes for “unnecessary” words), and then simulating running that processed text through Brown’s reading machine (much like dj Herc turntablism and scratching) produces something that speaks to shared foci of Amerika and me: Paik’s Fluxus media strategies; visual poetry; and, grammatological-turntablist re-mix theory).


Craig Saper (), aka dj readie, is an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Language, Literacy, and Culture doctoral program at UMBC, and the author of Networked Art (2001; archive edition, 2007) and Artificial Mythologies (1997; archive edition, 2008). He has published widely on Fluxus and visual poetry. His curatorial projects include exhibits on “Assemblings” (1997), “Noigandres: Concrete Poetry in Brazil” (1988) and “TypeBound” (2008), and (2003-6). Saper has published two other pamphlets On Being Read (1985) and Raw Material (2008), and he is presently writing a biography of the poet-publisher-impresario-writer in every imaginable genre, Bob Brown, who invented the reading machine. A New York Times Books section Back Page Essay describes Saper’s research and work on Brown in the context of new iPad’s and e-readers. The simulation of the reading machine discussed in this article:

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