The Art of Walking

Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark


Artist’s Statement

The Art of Walking where we remix Agnès Varda’s Vagabond, our own online project Museum of Rumour and Mark Amerika’s Sentences on Remixology 1.0 – with a dash of Hamish Fulton the walking artist.

The work came about through serendipity. Mark’s deadline for his Remix project was looming and we had just read his Sentences on Remixology 1.0 a wonderful piece of writing that détourned Sol Lewitt’s own Sentences on Conceptual Art. Mark had completely rethought what it is to be a media/ postproduction artist today. His thinking ranged widely across the arts and philosophy and there was a lot to think about. We went for a walk.

Our own work is grounded in walking. What we mean by this is not that our work is about walking or that our work takes walking as an aesthetic practice like Hamish Fulton or Richard Long. Rather, for us the process of making a work always begins with a walk. This may be because walking allows for a collaborative thinking process. As we walk we talk. As we talk the ideas begin to evolve and grow, and usually at a certain point – strangely the exact same spot in our daily walk we arrive at an epiphany, the idea for a work unfolds. That’s it, that’s what we’ll do.

Serendipity. We had just finished watching Agnès Varda’s Vagabond, one of our favourite movies. On our walk it all came together, the intensity of the image of Sandrine loping across the open field was evocative, not just of a young girl walking alone, but of a feeling of freedom of wildness of enormous pleasure in just being alive; jouissance, joie de vivre.


Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Australian media artists Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda. Their multi-award winning media art work includes performance, internet work, installation and many years ago – CDROM. It has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Maria and Norie work in a process-oriented way. The process of making a work always begins with a walk. Norie and Marie live and work in Melbourne, though they walk wherever they are.