Camille Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various art forms: mobile media, interactive and performance installation, music composition and performance, video art, web animation, and experience design. Baker has recently completed a PhD project called MINDtouch through the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, involving social collaborative ‘VJing’ within mobile performance media contexts. Her other research interests include: media art and electronic performance, live cinema, responsive environments, interactive installation, telematics, media curating and networked communities. Camille has presented at the Low Lives 3, online performance event Salt Lake City, Utah,  USA April 29, 2011;  Digital Stages Performance Festival 2011, London; DHRA Conference 2010, Brunel University, London; EVA Conference 2010 London; TEXTURES, SLSAe 6th  Annual Conference, Riga, Latvia, 2010; ISEA 2009 Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK; Performing Presence Conference, Exeter 2009 and many more.

remixthebook blog

So I was invited to be apart of this tweeting activity/ event as guest since I am curating an issue of the Vague Terrain artist run online journal on art and new media – due out in February 2012, and because I have curated Mark Amerika as one of my featured artists.

My own artistic work has been centred around interactive installation and performance. My most recent project MINDtouch focussed on the re-combinatory practices and hybridisations between participatory performance, mobile media, and live database interaction.  MINDtouch participatory performance media research investigated the qualities and sensations of ‘liveness’ and ‘presence’ that emerged using mobile technologies and wearable devices within various social contexts, resulting in a collaborative visual installation experienced live, online and on mobile devices.

The project involved facilitating participants to experience their inner sensations and perceptions and translates them into video expressions, interacting with other participants wearing biofeedback-sensing devices. This interaction resulted in live recorded, mixed, and streamed mobile video viewed in a live setting, and online. Some of the outcomes of the project included the hybridisation and re-combinatory media techniques devised including biofeedback sensors embedded in custom garments, custom mobile software to receive body data, as well as the structured improvisation activities used during mobile video workshops to create videoclips to be remixed live, then refined for the final participatory social events. More on the project can be seen on my slightly outdated website, sorely in need for a redesign at

I am not normally a blogger and only usually retweet other really interesting art or other newsworthy items, however this week I will tweet art projects or artists who I believe to be making exciting work and in one way or another are ‘remixing’ artifacts, ideas, or technologies in their media practice.