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It’s June 22, 2012, and we’re soft-launching my new art commission, the Museum of Glitch Aesthetics. Here’s a remix of the PR floating around the Web right now:

The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (MOGA) is the latest work in Mark Amerika’s collaborative series of transmedia narratives. MOGA […]

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The Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix) is a ten-minute DVD art-loop that uses source material from the writing, images, recordings, and other psychogeographical wanderings of arch-Situationist and French philosopher Guy Debord. The art work is composed by members of DJRABBI, a digital art collective of political activists, and includes Mark Amerika, Rick Silva, and Trace Reddell.

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The word processor’s text is a “thrown” game, a result that has been predicted. Can this thrown result be distinguished from my own text — or is this too a thrown game, achieved by different means?


A throw of the dice will never abolish chance

Are all remixologists always already “throwing the game” […]

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In Toward A Philosophy of Photography, Flusser writes:

The task of the philosophy of photography is to question photographers about freedom, to probe their practice in pursuit of freedom.

And this continual probing, he continues, requires that the artist develop a “strategy of playing against the camera.”

How can contemporary artists further probe their practice […]

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On August 10, 2011 By

Henri Bergson once wrote:

[…] there is no perception without affection. Affection is, then, that part or aspect of the inside of our body which we mix with the image of external bodies; it is what we must first of all subtract from perception to get the image in its purity. (emphasis mine)

Professor VJ […]

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The remixthebook group blog features postings from artists, theorists, graduate and undergraduate from various majors, DIY expert amateurs floating throughout the Network, and anyone else who is interested in reinventing what it means to develop a remix platform in the emerging areas of interdisciplinary art and theory.

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