Greg Debicki is a Calgary-based composer and new media artist.  He studied at the Dartington College of Arts and Alberta College of Art and Design. Currently he’s working with Derek Demassi to create an installation in which bioluminescent algae communicate over a wireless network to create an audio/visual performance.

Under the pseudonym “Woulg” he makes glitch music which is fixated on the destruction and recombination of source material, processes and tools.  Some of his music can be found on

Art Sabotage

“Art sabotage is the dark side of poetic terrorism – creation-through-destruction – but it cannot serve any party, nor any nihilism, nor even art itself.  Don’t picket – vandalize.  Don’t protest – deface.  When ugliness, poor design and stupid waste are forced upon you, retaliate.  Remix is not an art form, it is a weapon.  

The sound is dirty.  The needle trudges through the gnarled grooves of a million year old vinyl.  Sweat pours down the walls of the gallery and we’re all grinding with the fountain.  Sampling is an end in itself, not a means. It is art, canvas, paint and brush. It is an ideology, encapsulated within the fundamental belief that art is an expression, not property. It is to be explored, not controlled.
“They will sample anything they damn well please. You cannot stop them. They will sample your hit single. They will sample you complaining about sampling your hit single. They will sample you trying to stop them from sampling your hit single. And when you sue them, they will sample that too. They will take anything that fuels culture and powers society, and appropriate it for their own uses. To them, anything you say is simply raw material.”

Attributing quotes to the wrong author, mix and match, mish mash, putting your name on things that aren’t yours, tagging, pissing, bit rate reduction remix, sample rate reduction remix, lossless flac conversion remix, collage, bricolage, cut ups, mix downs, misdisambiguation, wiki-edits, anything.  Distrust everything – everything is a variable, everything is uncertain, everything is in flux, conditions are subject to change without notice. 

Remix never seeks power – only releases it.”