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Web Writings

Mark Amerika is a digital jack-of-all-trades. Amerika’s network practice trades in images, text, code, sound, performance, comedy, pedagogy, and mobile forms of cyberpsychogeography. His innovative artist theories challenge traditional forms of scholarly writing and production. Even though his work is published with mainstream academic presses such as MIT Press, the University of Minnesota Press, and the University of Alabama Press, the university department he is currently rostered in as a tenured Full Professor, has difficulty placing him in any conventional academic context.

His forthcoming print and digital publication / performance project, remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, 2011), was created out of his very popular Remix Culture practice-based theory course. After years of success developing this course and working with eager MFA students on the potential uses of digital processes to innovate new forms of theory that would have relevance to their emerging art practice, the course was suddenly no longer counted as a theory requirement in the MFA program he teaches in.

To see why Amerika’s creative remixology is such a threat to even the university art program he presently locates his research practice in, check out some the texts below:

Becoming a Remixologist : Art, Theory and Sound Practice
Centre international d’art contemporain de Montreal Magazine (2010)

The Renewable Tradition (Extended Play Remix)
Fibreculture 15 (2009)

The Postproduction of Presence
A Director’s Notebook (2009)

Source Material Everywhere: The Alfred North Whitehead Remix
Culture Machine (2009)

Portrait of the VJ
Fibreculture 7 (2006)

Teaching High TECHNE
European Journal of Higher Arts Education (2005)
European League of Institutes of the Arts

Expanding the Concept of Writing: Notes on Net Art, Digital Narrative, and Viral Ethics
Leonardo (M.I.T. Press, 2004)

Anticipating the Present: An Artist’s Intuition
New Media and Society (SAGE Publications, 2004)

Hypertextual Consciousness (Polish translation)
Techsty (2004)
Original English version here

Literary Ghosts
Culture Machine (2003)

The Iowa Review (2002)

Writing Cyberspace: Notes on Nomadic Narrative, Net Art and Life Style Practice
Leonardo Electronic Almanac (M.I.T. Press, 2002)

Practice-Based Research, Digital Art and Problem-Based Learning: A Dialogue (2002)
Leonardo Electronic Almanac (M.I.T. Press, 2002)

cinescripture.1 (2001)
An artist ebook commissioned by the ICA as part of the FILMTEXT project

How To Be An Internet Artist (2000-2001)
This conceptual art ebook puts the dot back into net.art

Amerika Online (1993-2000) Amerika’s popular Internet column

net.dialogues: conversations between Amerika and others on Rhizome Internet


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